• sil-ver bul-let, n.,
    A simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem.

  • Verdict Resources, Inc. is a litigation support and forensic services firm located in Camarillo, Ventura County, just outside of Los Angeles. Our clients- many of the nation's top law firms, corporations and government agencies- rely on Verdict Resources to provide timely and expert results. 

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  • Our Services


    Important decisions require accurate information, which sometimes is needed yesterday. Exclusively referral-based, our practice focuses on serving attorneys, from computer forensics to environmental liability to surveillance to e-discovery.  

  • Client Successes


    We were recently court-appointed as a §730 expert to identify existence of child pornography in a custody matter, and found that the wife planted illicit images to implicate her husband. More success stories »

  • Our Vision


    Our vision is shaped by our client's lens.  Clients rave about our rapid response, and we provide an excellent work product.  What else is there?  About us »

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